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Places Of The Passion Digital Download

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Places Of The Passion Digital Download

Lenten & Holy Week Series

Publish Date: 12/1/2020
Product Number: RDLDSCDD
Format: Paper
Size: 8 1/2 x 11
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Journey with our Savior, exploring the spiritual relevance of key points along the path of Christ’s passion in this series of six services for Lent and four services for Holy Week.

The places where the passion of our Lord took place hold special meaning to Christians the world over. These places remind us that Jesus walked this earth and stood in locations we can still find today to carry out his mission of salvation. This was no sightseeing trip for our Savior. There was a serious reason he came to be at certain places and at particular times to suffer and die and rise again. He was fulfilling the will of his Father who desired that we be forgiven and given a place in heaven with him forever.

Ash Wednesday: The City of Jerusalem 
Matthew 26:1-5: Jerusalem is the place of the Passover, where Jesus gathers with the crowds.

Week 1: Bethany 
Matthew 26:6-13: Jesus is anointed for burial by his friend Mary, at her home in this small town.

Week 2: The Mount of Olives
Matthew 26:30-35: The disciples sing a hymn with Jesus before they head out to this place of prayer.

Week 3: The Garden of Gethsemane
Matthew 26:47-56: Jesus is betrayed and arrested in this garden under cover of darkness.

Week 4: The Courtyard
Matthew 26:57-69: While Jesus is put on trial before the high priest, Peter denies Jesus in this place.

Week 5: Pilate’s Judgment Hall 
Matthew 27:11-23: Pilate is positioned here to set Jesus free, but turns him over to be crucified instead.

Palm Sunday: Bethphage 
Matthew 2:1-11—This place is where the ride into Jerusalem on a donkey begins for Jesus.

Maundy Thursday: The Upper Room 
Matthew 26:17-29—Climb the stairs to join the disciples in receiving the body and blood of Christ in bread and wine.

Good Friday: Golgotha 
Matthew 27:45-56—The Place of the Skull is where Jesus breathes his last.

Easter Sunday: The Garden Tomb 
Matthew 28:1-10—See the place where they laid him who is now arisen

Kit contents: monolog sermons, .pdf and .rtf text files of all elements of the program, children’s message, music for the accompanist, suggested contemporary song list, sample bulletins with order of worship, PowerPoint documents of all services with text (with copyright release) for use on screens.

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