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The Hills Of Lent Lenten Worship Series Digital Download

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The Hills Of Lent Lenten Worship Series Digital Download

Publish Date: 12/1/2020
Product Number: HL1DD
Format: Digital
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By means of hymns and dramatic homilies, the congregation is led on a biblically chronological journey to “mountaintop experiences” which all focus on the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At Mount Moriah Abraham’s faith is tested and strengthened. At Mount Sinai Moses and the Israelites receive the word of God. At Mount Carmel Elijah calls for faith and faithfulness. Jesus joins the faithful in worship at Mount Zion. On Mount Olivet Jesus assures us that we too are the children of God. At Mount Calvary we view “God’s own sacrifice complete.” Services begin with the “Psalms of Ascent.” Dramatic homilies involve a narrator and as many as four other readers. The congregation participates in the homilies with the singing of successive stanzas of “Unto the Hills.”

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