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We had a great Webinar with author Dean Nadasdy! For those who couldn't make it, you can watch the video to the left. You can also download the powerpoint presentation here.

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Encourage Advent anticipation

with coordinated worship, daily devotionals, Bible studies and resources for the entire congregation!

In this Advent Worship Series by renowned preacher Dean Nadasdy, we are reminded that Christ is born in us spiritually today and every day. Each service in the series focuses on a different gift that Jesus brings along with his presence with us. Orders of service, sermons, children’s sermons, music, readings and prayers—everything you need to conduct this series is included for your convenience to make this season of preparation special.

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1 1 Traditional Worship Kit (BBT1)
1 1 Bible Study Leader's Guide (BBLG)
10 1 Bible Study Student Guide (BBSG)
1 1 Christmas Eve Kit (BBT18)
1 1 Christmas Day Kit (BBT19)
1 1 Poster (BBT1PR)
50 50  Biblical Bookmarks (BKBV)
40 20 Sticker Booklets (GG5)

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Available Separately

Be Born In Us Today

Devotions for Advent

As we look toward the physical birth of our Savior, Jesus, we are reminded in these devotions for Advent by Chad Bird that Christ is born in us spiritually today and every day. He enters into us daily to strengthen and support us, save us and renew us. We are changed by his presence within us as we become more and more like him in the living of our lives.

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Good News! Great Joy!

Devotions and Stickers for Advent

Are you ready for some really good news? Are you prepared to share the great joy of Jesus’ birth? This sticker booklet activity is filled with good news and great joy that’s fun to share! On the first day of December, create an easy-to-assemble Bethlehem stable from the activity sheet. Each following day, add a sticker to the manger scene display. Read the good news Gospel story as your manger scene grows. The familiar words, written long ago by Luke and Matthew, bring great joy to our hearts each and every day! Joyfully hear that Jesus is born! You are now the bearer of God’s good news! For children ages 5-12 and their families.

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