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Wait Upon The Lord - Advent Family Worship Series Digital Download

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Wait Upon The Lord - Advent Family Worship Series Digital Download

Publish Date: 8/1/2021
Product Number: WLD1NDD
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In this Advent series for family worship, we look back at those who waited upon the Lord in Scripture for his promises to come to pass through the Christ Child, and we contemplate how we as families should wait upon the Lord together as God continues to make himself known to us in his time.

Each service features songs for children, a family-friendly sermon, a group activity or craft, questions for discussion and prayers, along with newsletter/bulletin notices about the series.

Engage and involve the whole family through worship and memorable activities designed to appeal to all age groups as we wait upon the Lord together.

Week 1 - Wait Upon the Lord with Faith (Galatians 3:8): We take a look at the story of Abraham and Sarah who waited in faith for the birth of their son, Isaac, as we wait as a family for the birth of God’s Son. A homemade Advent wreath is the craft for the week.

Week 2 - Wait Upon the Lord with Hope (Psalm 130:5): We read from the book of the prophet Isaiah, who told us all to have hope as we wait for the coming of the Lord. Hoping in the Lord helps us to stay strong as a family. A bead candy cane is the craft for the week.

Week 3 - Wait Upon the Lord with Rejoicing (Isaiah 25:9): We recall the rejoicing of Elizabeth and Mary as they waited for their children to be born. Rejoicing is part of what we do as a family, too, during our waiting in Advent. An angel cutout is the craft for the week.

Week 4 - Wait Upon the Lord with Gratitude (Psalm 9:1): We remember that Zechariah waited nine months not able to speak until John was born. With gratitude, Zechariah spoke praise to God when John was born. We speak gratefully to God for the birth of his Son. A paper ornament is the craft for the week.

The kit includes everything you need for each service as well as digital files with the text of the entire kit in .rtf (rich text format), newsletter/bulletin notices, hymns, visual media recommendations, contemporary music song suggestions and PowerPoint documents of all the services with images and text (along with a copyright release) for use on screens.

Digital download includes all files.

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