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Wonders of His Love

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Wonders of His Love

Church Pack

Publish Date: 10/29/2019
Product Number: WHLC
Availability: Out of print/Discontinued

$ 99.00
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Advent gives us a natural opportunity to think about the many ways that God shows us the Wonders of His Love. It is a wonder that God sent his only Son, that Jesus humbled himself to be born in a manger and live in poverty. Celebrate those wonders, and many more, as a family!

This set can be assembled to use as a family Advent faith set, or use the handouts for different weeks throughout Advent.

Included in this collection:

  • 25 - Wonders Of His Love Advent Devotionals
  • 25 - Bookmarks
  • 25 - Advent Centerpiece—use this table tent with an Advent wreath or alone
  • 25 - Placemats—include meal time prayer, activities and more
  • 25 - Magnets—include children's message
  • 25 - Gift Ornaments (Metal)—for staff, volunteers, shut-ins
  • 1 Set = 104 Ornaments (Paper)—for everyone in your church and more, include children's message

Items also sold separately for additional members.

Suggested Hand Out Schedule

Week 1 Wonders Of His Love Advent Devotional, Bookmark & Centerpiece

Week 2 Magnet

Week 3 Paper Ornament

Week 4 Placemat & Gift Ornament