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All To Thee, Our God, We Owe Thanksgiving Service

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All To Thee, Our God, We Owe Thanksgiving Service

Publish Date: 7/31/2017
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This is a Thanksgiving service that takes its title from a harvest hymn “All to Thee, Our God, We Owe” that treats our response to God’s bounty as a kind of I.O.U. (and even suggests writing that on your holiday offerings). A new stanza to the hymn “Come, Ye Thankful People, Come” states the theme this way: “To fulfill a sacred vow, lay we on God’s altar now promised tithes and offerings which a grateful people brings, gifts that God first gave to us. Let us thank and praise him thus. This unto our God we owe, source whence all our blessings flow.” Kits are not returnable.

Kit includes prayers, a sermon, a children’s sermon, newsletter/bulletin notices and music as well as a CD-ROM (Mac/PC) with the text of the entire kit in .rtf (rich text format) and a PowerPoint document of the entire service with images and text (along with a copyright release) for use on screens.