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365 Devotions For Seniors

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365 Devotions For Seniors

Daily Moments with God for Living Life to the Fullest

Author: Various

Publish Date: 8/1/2019
Product Number: SN6
ISBN: 978-16827-9291-9
Format: Perfect Bound
Page Count: 384
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Designed especially for older adults and written by older adults, these large print devotions for all 365 days of the year are meant to encourage, inspire and engage those living out their Christian faith in their later years. With only month and day noted at the top of each devotional page, this book can be used in any year and can be started at any point in any given year. Each devotion begins with a reading from Scripture related to the theme for the day, followed by a reflection by the author based on that reading. A prayer summarizes the lesson of the reflection, a suggested activity is included to express the message of the devotion in daily living and additional Bible passages are listed for further reading.

"...These large-print devotions written by seniors for seniors are specially designed to keep you hope-full in your living for the Lord. Our later years are not meant to be spent regretting what we can no longer do, but rejoicing in what we do still get to do by God’s grace and favor, which we perhaps were not able to do in other stages of our lives. The later years of life continue to have the capacity to be vibrant and fulfilling as we faithfully serve the Lord. The devotions on these pages represent some of the best and most beloved reflections from Hope-Full Living over the past several years. 

Through these devotions, the reader is encouraged to live life to the fullest in whatever way God has designed that life to be in the unique situations and experiences in which older adults find themselves. Suggested activities or thoughts to ponder based on the themes of each day’s devotion are included to provide inspiration for application of faith into daily living in small but meaningful ways. And each devotion ends with suggested Scripture readings to help the reader dig deeper in the Word to be strengthened and sustained throughout the day. Here is a collection of some of the most beloved devotions from our quarterly publication, Hope-Full Living, for every day of the year. Written by older adults for older adults, this large print edition of reflections is specially designed to encourage, inspire and engage those living out their faith in their later years.

God desires that his faithful have a life that is enriched by him, and it is my prayer that these devotions enrich you in your faith and service to the Lord. Enjoy each of these moments with God as you are filled full with hope in Christ each day of life that he grants to you."

 ~ Rich Bimler, Honorary Editor, Hope-Full Living

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