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You Were Their Rock All Saints Service (Product/Goods)

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You Were Their Rock All Saints Service (Product/Goods)

Publish Date: 8/1/2017
Product Number: SA5
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The title of this festive celebration of All Saints comes from the second verse of the great All Saints hymn “For All the Saints,” which serves as the anchor for the responsive opening litany. The sermon study (included) focuses on the common foundation all of God’s Saints (both living and dead) share—the solid foundation of Christ, the Word.

Kit includes prayers, a homily, a children’s sermon, newsletter/bulletin notices and music as well as a CD-ROM (Mac/PC) with the text of the entire kit in .rtf (rich text format), a list of contemporary music song suggestions and a PowerPoint document of the entire service with images and text (along with a copyright release) for use on screens. Kits are not returnable.