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Prepare Ye - Advent Family Worship Series Digital Download

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Prepare Ye - Advent Family Worship Series Digital Download

Digital Edition

Publish Date: 8/1/2020
Product Number: PY1NDD
Size: Digital
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Encourage family interaction with worship, and activities designed to interest and involve all age groups.

In this series for family worship for Advent, we contemplate the many ways we as families prepare ourselves for the coming of the Christ Child on Christmas, taking cues from the psalms of old and from those whom God chose to play a part in the story of our Lord’s birth. As we draw near to the manger bed of our Savior from sin and death, our families prepare room for him in our homes.

Week 1: Ponder (Psalm 48:9) We consider ways in which we can ponder the meaning of the birth of our Savior through the reading of Scripture and through reflection. We ponder ways we as a family can keep our thoughts on Jesus. Families will make a little booklet about the promises of God. Week 2: Pray (Psalm 69:13) We think about ways in which we can take more time during this season to communicate to our God through prayer as we wait for Christ. We pray together as a family to bless our time we share in preparation for him. Families will create prayer reminder cards. Week 3: Praise (Psalm 30:4) We celebrate the upcoming arrival of our Savior through songs and shouts of praise as we prepare for him. We praise the Lord as a family by joining voices together in joyous melodies. Families will make invitations to Christmas worship. Week 4: Proclaim (Psalm 145:6) We contemplate how we can prepare ourselves and others for the arrival of Jesus through our proclaiming. We announce as one family our belief in and adoration for our loving Lord. Families will create wooden craft stick crosses.

Each service features a sermon, a group activity and prayers, along with newsletter/bulletin notices about the series.

The kit includes everything you need for each service as well as a CD-ROM (Mac/PC) with the text of the entire kit in .rtf (rich text format), newsletter/bulletin notices, hymns, visual media recommendations, contemporary music song suggestions and PowerPoint documents of all the services with images and text (along with a copyright release) for use on screens.

See our complete Prepare Ye Worship Collection for more faith-enhancing seasonal resources exploring the Prepare Ye theme through worship, prayer, reflection and study in your church or home.


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