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The Giving Tree Ornaments (Set of 100)

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The Giving Tree Ornaments (Set of 100)

Author: Mark Neilsen

Publish Date: 1/1/2012
Product Number: GTR
Format: Handout
Size: 4 x 5
Availability: In Stock, set

$ 12.99
Sale Price: $ 3.25
Sold Per Set of 100

Giving Tree Ornaments

Many parishes and schools set up Giving Trees” during Advent to help provide gifts for the needy in the community. These colorful paper ornaments feature a Scripture verse plus space to write the gift and the intended recipient. Ornaments can be hung on a tree and then taken by those interested in purchasing agift. Each set of hand outs includes brief sermon notes.Die-cut. Sold in sets of 102 (17 sheets of 6)