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Follow The Son Summer Worship Series

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Follow The Son Summer Worship Series

Living in the Light

Publish Date: 12/1/2019
Product Number: FS6
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This is a 4-week series of worship services on CD for the summer or any time of the year on the theme of Christ, the Light of the World, who calls us to shine his light to others as we walk in the way of salvation in him. In these services, parishioners’ eyes will be opened to the bright light and love of Christ, at his birth, at his transfiguration, at his resurrection and at his rising to eternal glory. In his light, we see the eternal light of salvation.

The CD includes a .pdf of the entire services, text of the orders of service, readings, prayers, sermons, children’s messages, and hymns in .rtf (rich text format), a list of contemporary music song suggestions and a PowerPoint document of all four services with text (with a copyright release) for use on screens.┬á Kits are not returnable.