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Form Heaven Above Traditional Advent Worship Series - Digital Download

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Form Heaven Above Traditional Advent Worship Series - Digital Download

Publish Date: 8/1/2016
Product Number: FH1DD
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Digital Worship Kit

This beloved hymn by Martin Luther provides the theme for the From Heaven Above Advent series for traditional worship, which focuses on the divine gifts that come down to us through the birth of Jesus. Each week in the series, sermons written by well-known preacher Rev. Dean Nadasdy “unwrap” one of the precious treasures delivered to us in the holy Child wrapped in swaddling clothes. Hymns in the series include “Comfort, Comfort Ye My People,” “O Lord, How Shall I Meet You,” “Hark the Glad Sound” and “Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates.”

  • Week 1: The Gift of Hope (Matthew 12:15- 21): The people of Israel waited in hope for the promised Messiah. We now wait in hope for his return on the Last Day.
  • Week 2: The Gift of Love (John 3:13-17): The steadfast love of God is revealed in the gift of his Son. As the redeemed people of God, we share his love with others.
  • Week 3: The Gift of Peace (John 14:25-27): In Christ Jesus we have peace with God. We now share that good news of peace with the world.
  • Week 4: The Gift of Life (John 1:1-5): Through faith in Jesus we have forgiveness and life, a life of love and service now in his name and eternal life in his presence.

Each service features the theme hymn, “From Heaven Above,” a monolog sermon read by the pastor, a children’s sermon and prayers, along with newsletter/bulletin notices about the series.

The kit includes everything you need for each service as well as the text of the entire kit in .rtf (rich text format), newsletter/bulletin notices, hymns, visual media recommendations, contemporary music song suggestions and PowerPoint documents of all the services with images and text (along with a copyright release) for use on screens.

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