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Set: Christmas Card Assorted Set

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Set: Christmas Card Assorted Set

Publish Date: 8/1/2022
Product Number: 52R
UPC: 0655368778193
Size: 4.5 x 5.75
Availability: In Stock, set

$ 9.99
As low as: $ 8.99
Sold Per Set of 10 Cards with White Envelopes

Each card in this set of Christian greeting cards for Christmas has a unique, colorful style. The collection includes two of each card. 10 cards total, packaged with matching envelopes.

Interior text on each card in collection:

  1. Welcome the Peace that comes from our Heavenly King. Luke 2:14
  2. Come, humble hearts, adore Him! Merry Christmas. Philippians 2:10
  3. God’s true Light is born this night. Merry Christmas. Isaiah 9:2
  4. All this and more came wrapped in swaddling clothes. Welcome the Christ! Luke 2:7
  5. Every good and perfect gift comes from our Father in heaven. Celebrate the Gift this Christmas! James 1:17

Entire collection has 2 each of 5 designs with envelopes (10 cards total)